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This extraordinary dining table centrepiece was a private commission through the prestigious interior design firm “Oro Bianco”. The brief was to create something whimsical and romantic to add a sense or magic to a dining room. It comprises of solid silver lily pads, lotus flower candle holders, dragon flies, fish salt cellars and frog pepper pots. The whole piece can be broken down and scattered the length of a dining table, or fitted together to create one central focal point.
The pair of coral candelabra stand half a metre tall and have shell encrusted bases with branches of coral reaching up, each holding six oyster shell candleholders.


Oliver Messel, the celebrated theatre and film set/costume designer, interior designer, painter, architect and “Bright Young Thing”, was renowned for his sense of romance. Hal closely looked at his great uncles work as inspiration for this centrepiece.

Along with Peter Carl Fabergé’s work at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Messel also visited Wartski’s, St James’, London to be able to hold and get a greater sense of Faberge’s work and to be inspired by the sense of humour often found in Faberge, along with the brilliance in craftsmanship.

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