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“The celebration of good food amongst friendships old and new, by the light of a shimmering dining table telling tales of mystical realms.”

Enchanting and with an otherworldly beauty, this three metre long solid silver dining table centrepiece picks out the flora and fauna of Montana, commissioned by Paul Duesing & Partners Interior Designers.

Bitterroot flowers, the state symbol, act as candle holders with maple leaves and seed pods forming the main body with wren pepper pots and chipmunk salt cellars. Interchangeable fronds of dog roses and sycamore seeds can be attached to mark the changing of seasons, separate rose and bitterroot votive candleholders can be scattered down the table and the main body of the centrepiece can have its three sections individually spread the length of the table or clustered together.

If one looks carefully, nestled amongst the leaves and flowers are stag beetles and dragon flies preparing for flight.

Photographs taken by Simon Upton, 2023.


Oliver Messel, the celebrated theatre and film set/costume designer, interior designer, painter, architect and “Bright Young Thing”, was renowned for his sense of romance. Hal closely looked at his great uncles work as inspiration for this centrepiece.

Along with Peter Carl Fabergé’s work at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Messel also visited Wartski’s, St James’, London to be able to hold and get a greater sense of Faberge’s work and to be inspired by the sense of humour often found in Faberge, along with the brilliance in craftsmanship.

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